Get the best quality industrial label adhesives

private label adhesives

Adhesives lead many professional businesses helping them to manage their packaging, branding, and many other quality processes of the business. This makes it important for companies to choose the best adhesives for their products and create the strongest bond.

 Affyx is a trusted brand that manufactures the best quality private label adhesives for various industries. Their adhesives are designed to provide reliable bonding solutions for a variety of uses, such as packaging, building, automobile, and industrial manufacturing as well as products for general repair. Additionally, they produce adhesive products that are specially made to meet the requirements of a specific brand or business. This guarantees that customers receive premium adhesives that are customized to meet their specific needs.

 Private-label adhesives from Affyx come in a variety of formulas, including hot melt, pressure-sensitive, and water-based options. These adhesives are made to offer reliable bonding solutions for a range of materials, such as fabrics, metals, and plastics. Many of its products have been certified by various professional organizations for good quality and ease of application. They have a group of experienced professionals and cutting-edge production tools.

Make your adhesive

Affyx provides the option to its clients to make adhesives according to their requirements and can choose the products based on the filters like application, viscosity, and chemistry. They can also choose subcategories it on the different parameters from lowest to highest.

Wide product range

The company also has a huge variety of adhesive products designed especially for unique purposes some of which are GEP96 a Multi-Purpose General Repair Adhesive, CCE88 a High Early Strength Concrete Repair, FEP71 a Mastic Epoxy Flooring Adhesive, and many more. All these products are classified based on their performance, ratio, flexibility, cure, and viscosity and also include the certification provided to that product. The company is also committed to using environmentally-friendly materials and processes in its manufacturing operations, ensuring that its adhesives are both effective and eco-friendly.


Affyx also provides custom tools and equipment used in the application of adhesives. They provide other services like turnkey solutions, adhesives packaging, product technology, logistics, packaging, support services, etc. If you are interested in creating custom adhesives for your organization then contact the team of Affyx they will surely provide the best solution for your product at the best prices with the best quality.