Know The Green Tea Slim Pills Reviews

Green tea slim pills reviews

Green tea is basically made from leaves from Camellia Sinensis.. Green tea differs from normal tea in two major aspects – one from the content of anti-oxidants and second one from the caffeine found in it per serving.  Read the Green tea slim pills reviews in this article.

Green tea:

Green tea is comparatively having much higher amount of anti-oxidants than normal tea because green tea is being lightly processed and usually not or little oxidized. Green tea is having 30 mg of caffeine per serving while in normal black tea it has 50 mg of caffeine per serving. Caffeine which you might have listened about being a nerve stimulant activates the nervous system and act as a drug. The ideal consumption of caffeine per day may be 150-300 mg per day. It has both good and bad aspects. As good one, it increases metabolism and thereby increasing mental and physical stamina. It reduces all your tiredness and laziness and keeps you active. While it’s negative aspect says that being overcaffeined may cause difficulty in sleeping and weakens concentration. So, for those who start their morning with a cup of black tea are warned for huge content of caffeine they are taking inside. Choosing the green tea for the replacement would be a healthier option.

The trend of tea consumption at first originated in China around 4000 years ago. It is also being used as an ingredient in making health foods, dietary supplements and cosmetic items and is also famous for its usage as a beverages and medicines in most parts of Asia, including China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. For instance, most Asian countries widely use green tea only rather than black tea.