How to Make Your Used Car Feel And Look Like New

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In order to get the most value out of your car, you need to make sure that it looks and feels as good as new. There are a number of steps to take in order to do this, ranging from replacing your tires with a higher quality option, feeding it a better diet so that its engine operates more efficiently and does not break down too quickly, fixing any damages caused by wear and tear on key parts of the car, etc.


Fixing any damages is probably the most important thing you can do to your car to make it look and feel like new. We discuss this in greater detail below.


Parts that are worn out need to be replaced with high quality parts which will last longer than the original ones did. For example, if your used cars in pawtucket ri uses rubber belts, these need to be replaced with a high-quality belt made from steel or reinforced plastic. A common replacement for rubber hoses that run under pressure is high grade PVC tubing wrapped in kevlar fiber.

used cars in pawtucket ri


The most important part of the exterior that needs to be replaced is the tires. Most new cars come with relatively low quality tires and it doesn’t take long for them to wear out. Good tires are an investment in your car’s performance and make a big difference in how well your car handles, how efficiently it uses gasoline, and how safe you feel in various driving conditions. The second most important part of the exterior which needs to be replaced is light bulbs. When your headlights burn out, instead of replacing cheap OEM light bulbs with new ones from the dealer, consider switching to a higher quality option such as LED or Xenon headlights. Also consider replacing headlight bulbs with brighter ones for better visibility on dark roads or at night.

Supplemental Energy

When your car runs on gasoline, you can give it an extra boost of energy by adding an additive which breaks down carbon deposits and lubricates your engine. This allows your engine to run more efficiently and last longer than it would if you just relied on regular gasoline.


Get rid of nasty smells by deodorizing the interior of your car with essential oils or proprietary odor absorbing compounds. Get rid of dirty stains by using stain removers, such as those that contain enzymes, which break down organic matter in a way that is friendly to the environment but harmful to most stains.