Different types of assistance for first-time homebuyers

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It can be overwhelming when buying a home for the first time. The hero homebuyer program is for those that serve, care for, and protect the country and communities. Such as law enforcement, health care workers, military, firefighters, teachers, and emergency personnel. Yet, there is support for first-time homebuyers, this is the Hero Home Program. They aid those searching to buy their home for the first time.

You may encounter many challenges being a first-time homebuyer. The main concern can be making a down payment while saving money for costs and still paying rent. 

What is Heroes Home Buyer Program?

            As a way of saying Thank you to the heroes of America for their services to the communities and country. Their network of Lenders, Home Inspectors, Realtors, Attorneys, Title Companies, and others decided to provide special discounts. Perks and discounts when a Hero sells, buyers, or refinances a home.

First-time homebuyers

            First-time homebuyers are those that never bought a house, it doesn’t count those who rent a house. First-time homebuyers are those that never had their names on any legal titles. For ownership of a house in any capacity how a house is defined by its local government and state. A first-time homebuyer is cited by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as someone who:

  • Is a displaced homemaker or a single parent who has only owned a home. Without a former house yet only while married
  • For 3 years that has not owned a principal residence
  • Has only owned a property that was not in compliance with state, local, and model codes of construction
  • Has owned a permanent residence not permanently affixed to a foundation

You may qualify for assistance if that sounds like you through various state, local, and federal government funds. They can aid you to find those programs to apply to support you meet your dream of homeownership.

How the Hero Home Program can help 

            The Hero Home Program is a program dedicated not only to those occupations like hometown heroes and the military but also to renters. By giving you all the types of help you need. Whether it is lowering closing costs, helping with a down payment, or finding you government-backed loans. They are dedicated to serving you, the best part is you can still work with your private lending institution. Since they work straight with your loan officer.

Hero Home Programs will help you in buying a home since it can stressful. Whether you’re a hometown hero or renting again.